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Architectural Wall Panel Systems
Centura Building Systems has many years of experience in design, fabrication and installation of exterior wall systems, such as EIFS Panels, GFRC Panels, and Thin Shell Concrete Panels.

Our exterior wall systems successfully utilize the concepts of custom design and panelization to achieve real cost savings; high standards of quality control within a closely monitored environment; avoidance of the effects of adverse weather conditions on jobsite construction activity, and acceleration of project schedule.
EIFS Panels


As an approved manufacturer of StoCorp advanced EIFS systems (ICBO ER-3617), our rainscreen EIFS panel is an exterior wall cladding with a drainage cavity and secondary weather resistive barrier that allows the free drainage of any incidental moisture that gets in the wall assembly. EIFS panels provide good insulation, high R-value and reduced air infiltration and can be produced in a variety of colors, textures and shapes.

EIFS Panels Wall Section
Innovative, versatile light weight exterior rain-screen panels
[ PDF file format - 619 K ]

GFRC Panels


Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) made its way into the North American market from Europe in 1973. The product consists of portland cement and silica sand composite reinforced with randomly dispersed, alkali-resistant glass fibers. The resulting mixture is a superior, stronger and more durable lightweight cladding material that can be molded to produce a variety of forms and finishes that owners and architects expect without compromising the function.

GFRC is an excellent solution for constructing superior building envelop and elegant and bold  architectural solutions.

GFRC Panels Wall Section
Innovative, versatile light weight exterior panels
[ PDF file format - 327 K ]

Thin Shell Concrete Panels
This technology brings together two well known materials to form a weather resistant wall of superior quality. The panels include a thin shell of conventional concrete, reinforced by wire mesh and supported by light gauge steel framing. The system allows the interior drywall to be applied directly onto the panel without the need for additional framing.

With proper pre-planning, the simplicity of installation makes the system schedule-friendly. Windows can be directly installed into the panels before delivery and installation. If weather conditions become adverse, the building can be enclosed using the pre-finished thin shell panels on a floor by floor basis. This allows interior finishing to proceed on schedule.

Thin Shell Concrete Panels Wall Section
Innovative, versatile exterior panels
[ PDF file format - 418 K ] 

The Benefits of Panelization and Pre-fabrication


  • Eliminate the need for scaffolding because the panels are installed from inside the building

  • Help contractors meet deadlines by pre-fabricating the panels in advance and by being able to rapidly complete installation even in poor weather conditions which can cause delays in on-site applications

  • Provide a superior product as a result of the factory controlled manufacturing environment and stringent quality control

  • Add to the overall quality of the envelope since windows, vents and other exterior components may be pre-installed

  • Provide smooth installation because specific detailing issues can be resolved with the architect and developer before fabrication work begins

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