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Innovative Building System


Load bearing wall panels with light gauge structural framing is a shop-built system of pre-fabricated panels that uses optimized light gauge steel sections to construct load bearing and exterior walls as the building structure.


Together with pre-cut metal and/or composite decks with or without joists, this efficient system is most suitable for low to medium-rise hotels, motels and residential buildings.


Our many years of experience has clearly shown that by making the exterior and interior walls as part of the structure, the project will be more optimized, better coordinated and faster executed due to the multi-functioning of building components and reduced number of trade contractors.

Key Benefits


  • Can be highly customized; we coordinate with the building designers to adapt our system to the specific project needs

  • Structural walls may receive gypsum wallboard without the use of additional furring, saving money and time

  • Windows and exterior penetration may be factory applied and sealed to reduce site labor and enhance reliability

  • Electrical and plumbing services can be pre-installed in wall panels

  • Our in-house automated design process ensures that all components will properly fit and align throughout the entire project

  • All components are precisely fabricated, assembled, tagged and then shipped according to the job schedule

  • These pre-fabricated panels and components allow for a faster erection schedule and continuation of work in adverse weather conditions

Load Bearing Wall Panels Brochure
Innovative, versatile light weight structural panels
[ PDF file format - 410 K ]

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